Bay Area Events


List of events in the Bay Area of interest to those who seek to 1) have a political impact, 2) learn more about an issue, 3) support libertarian principles of individual rights and responsibilities, 4) meet people of like mind:



California Libertarian Party Annual Convention

Location: Santa Clara Marriott Hotel, 2700 MIssion College Blvd.
Dates: Friday, April 28 - Sunday, April 30
Covenant of Democratic Nations with Edwin Black

Location: Private home of Mario & Nina Pellegrini in Montara
RSVP/potluck-Sunday, February 12, 5:30PM
Details TBD.

AtlasShruggedAnnual Ayn Rand Student Essay Contests


Eligibility:  8th, 9th and 10th graders
Deadline:  March 29, 2017
Prizes:      1st place $2,000  1 Winner - 2nd place $500  5 Winners

The Fountainhead
Eligibility:  11th and 12th graders
Deadline:  April 26, 2017
Prizes:      1st place $10,000  1 Winner -  2nd place $2,000  5 Winners

Atlas Shrugged
Eligibility:  12th Graders, College Undergraduates/Graduate Students
Deadline:  April 28, 2017
Prizes:      1st place $20,000  1 Winner - 2nd place $2,000  3 Winners

For information:
Golden Gate Liberty Revolution
(formerly The Ron Paul Meetup Group)

"A gateway for individuals to promote liberty and justice through education, political action, collaboration and voluntarism."

The Monthly Meetings:  Third Monday of every month.  For now, location is The Patriot House, 2 Embarcadero Center, Level P, San Francisco.  But visit the GGLR Meetup site in case things change.

The Back Story:  The GGLR lost its meeting place at the Moksha Life Center.  Everyone is happy that Moksha is prospering and expanding, but sad to leave a "home" of almost a decade -- a home so full of memories of amazing meetings going way back to 2007, when the Ron Paul Meetup Group was formed to campaign for Dr. Paul.  After both Ron Paul campaigns in 2008 and 2012, as well as two John Dennis for Congress campaigns, the Meetup adopted the name of Golden Gate Liberty Revolution, but never lost its original mission of promoting liberty.
The GGLR Meetup site: