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What You Can Do to Spread Liberty

Pick an Option, Any Option!

Libertarians hear about voter dissatisfaction with government dysfunction and scratch their head in wonder.   Why do voters continue to support the status quo if they are not happy with it? Perhaps this is the case because Libertarian activists are failing to make the general public aware of Libertarian alternatives. Therefore, we would like to offer some “Activists’ Options.”

 1. During election seasons, be aware of recommendations on the this website , as well as those on the Libertarian Party of California website www.ca.lp.org and that of the national Libertarian Party www.lp.org.

 2. During election seasons, look for the Libertarian Party of San Francisco ballot arguments on your Voter Pamphlet. The San Francisco Elections Department makes available voter pamphlets on its website http://www.sfgov2.org/index.aspx?page=599

 3. Write Letters to the Editor offering the libertarian view on news articles and government officials’ proposals.

 4. Support the efforts of core activists with your membership dues ($25 per year; view Membership Application on this website’s front page top menu, or use PayPal). Your dues and donations serve to keep the lights on (web hosting and voice mail), purchase educational literature for distribution, and finance all manner of outreach (educational tabling, social events,” meet the candidates “ events).

 5. Run for political office, and take advantage of the opportunities to spread the Libertarian point of view during candidates’ forums sponsored by numerous organizations. The San Francisco Elections Department and the Secretary of State http://www.sos.ca.gov/ have a wealth of information on political offices coming up for election and guidelines for candidates.

 6. Apply for available positions in local government. Check “Vacancy – Boards, Commissions, and Task Forces” on the San Francisco Government website, http://www.sfbos.org/index.aspx?page=3045

 7. Subscribe to informational and outreach websites that can help you design literature, set up outreach booths, present arguments that favor liberty over statism. One such website is Alex Merced's YouTube video series. https://www.youtube.com/user/AlexMerced/featured