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About Us

Who We Are

The Libertarian Party of San Francisco (LPSF) is the local county affiliate of Libertarian Party of California, which is itself an affiliate of the national Libertarian Party.

The state party is organized on the basis of county affiliate parties.  Our neighboring county organizations are Alameda County LPMarin County LP, San Mateo County LP, and Santa Clara County LP


Our Mission Statement

The Libertarian Party of San Francisco promotes the core principles of libertarianism by supporting legislation, political candidates, and causes that encourage individualism, individual rights, limited government, free markets, creative production of goods and services, and peace.  We do this based on our conviction that these core principles are the vehicles for freedom, peace and prosperity for all peoples.  We focus primarily on local events, but will take action when state or national developments threaten the individual liberties of San Franciscans.


How to Become a Member

Qualification for membership in the LPSF is simple - anyone who pays the annual membership fee and signs the non-initiation of force statement is a member (unless prohibited for cause). All members of the LPSF are automatically members of the Central Committee. Central Committee members have one vote in our general meetings, if present. Central Committee members are eligible to become officers of the LPSF.


What is the "Non-Initiation of Force" Pledge

"I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals."



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