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San Francisco Libertarians File an Election Contest to Invalidate November's Proposition A Election Due To Violations of New Law

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Michael Denny
“The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law.”
- Aristotle

There has been an ongoing problem of collusion between government officials and municipal bond advisors who often actually write the bond bills for profit. And then deceptively work with government to sell them to an unsuspecting public. To address this issue, the California State Assembly passed AB-195 which was approved by Governor Jerry Brown and on January 1, 2018 became Law. Sections of that law governs the way local governments can present bond measures on ballots:

  1. Measure shall be a true and impartial synopsis of the purpose of the proposed measure,
  2. and shall be in language that is neither argumentative nor likely to create prejudice for or against the measure.
  3. If the proposed measure imposes a tax or raises the rate of a tax, the ballot shall include in the statement of the measure to be voted on the amount of money to be raised annually and the rate and duration of the tax to be levied.

Section 18401 of the California Elections Code says election officials who allow non-compliant ballots to be put before the public are criminally liable.

As this complaint clearly shows, Proposition A was enormously non-compliant. The Libertarian Party of San Francisco (LPSF) was designated official Opponent of Proposition A by the SF Dept. of Elections. LPSF members called attention to these issues before the Ballot Simplification Committee. They were ignored.

Our Defender, Jeff Adachi

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Official portrait of Jeff Adachi

Last month San Francisco lost one of its best leaders, perhaps the only elected official in the city truly worthy of that description.

"Prosecutors, with near unlimited resources and the full backing of the government, are trying to take away a citizen's freedom. That's a big deal and something we want to get right," he wrote in a 2014 op-ed piece in the Sacramento Bee.


When will they be happy?

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Nick Smith
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I feel like I keep repeating myself. Last month, I wrote that Government Thinks You are Fat and Stupid and so they need to set hard rules to keep all of us lemmings from walking off cliffs. In that article, I discussed proposals by the state of California to further regulate and tax sugary beverages (something we already have to deal with here in San Francisco) in the name of public health.

This time, it’s The City here to tell you how stupid you are.


Government Thinks You are Fat and Stupid

Written by: 
Nick Smith

Governments continue the perpetual war in Oceania, Eastasia, or Eurasia—for us, tobacco, plastics, and soda—in order to keep the people distracted and to justify their own jobs. It seems that every election cycle, another major city floats a soda tax as a do-good measure to improve public health. I saw it almost happen in New York and then actually become law in Philadelphia, and it followed me out to San Francisco in 2016 (Prop V).


July - December 2018: We are Growing

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Nick Smith


Here is a quick highlight reel of what that the LPSF has accomplished in the second half of 2018. Looking at all this together, it's clear that we are growing fast and accomplishing quite a lot with little resources. I'm very proud of the work that we've done and the progress we are making. THANK YOU again to all of our members, donors, activists, speakers, volunteers and friends. Without your support, this wouldn't be possible-- and with your continued support, 2019 will be even better!