The Libertarian Party of San Francisco meets for official business on the second Saturday of each month, from 3 to 5 p.m.  Most of these meetings are held at the San Francisco Main Library at 100 Larkin, just outside the Civic Center BART/Muni station on Market Street, usually in the 4th floor conference room. We announce the location of each meeting on the front page of our website and on our Announcements (click here to subscribe to our announcements).

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A social hour follows from 5 to 6 p.m. at a local establishment (arrive before 5 to walk there with us).  Visitors are welcome to call or drop in and join us for the business meeting and/or the social hour.

San Francisco Public LIbrary, 4th floor conference room
8 April 2017

Aubrey Freedman (Chair)
Nick Smith (Secretary)
Rebecca Lau
Françoise Fielding
Jawj Greenwold (Treasurer)
Michael Denny
Phil Berg

Activist Reports
Rebecca: Attended 4 or 5 Libertarian events; speakers: Tom Palmer, Larry Reid on Free Speech, GGLR meetup speaking about Free State Project, Free Market Road Show

Nick: Also attended GGLR event to hear about the FSP and the Free Market Road Show

Aubrey: Finally wrote and sent a Newsletter, working on getting speakers for the panel discussion event we are planning. Also attended GGLR event with Matt speaking about FSP.

Jawj: Also went to the FSP event on Tuesday!

Mike: Introduced a group of French dinner party guests to Libertarianism, which they were excited to learn more about.

Gun Show going on at Cow Palace this weekend. Aubrey will look into getting a table for LPSF at the next event, probably in about 3 months.

Free Speech March in Berkeley next weekend

GGLR Monthly Meeting

JSA Semi-Annual Convention - Aubrey will be tabling

California Libertarian Party Annual State Convention

This will be held in the Bay Area for the first time in years, in Santa Clara. The speakers are announced including David Friedman and Patrick Byrne.

Membership / Newsletter Report
21 lifetime members, 23 regular members - 44 total
Aubrey: Record keeping by the State party is still messed up, but they are working on it.
Newsletter sent out to 298 people, with only a few bounces and one unsubscribe.

Webmaster Update
Full access to site administration is transferred, credentials are changed.
Backup service is expiring and will renew on 8-May, ($30/yr).
Calendar module is fully working and auto-imports events from GGLR,,, our meetup group.
Added some analytics, using a self hosted Free (as in freedom) software called Piwik..
AI: Nick to take a look at Yahoo! Announce list to fix timezone issue (event times in GMT)

Treasurer’s Report

Bank of America $4,612.11
Paypal $946.27
Total $5,558.38

Change to Credit Union
Starchild has previously told us about SF Fire Credit Union Mike banks with SF Federal Credit Union and highly recommends them. Either option seems good, the biggest deciding factor for us is convenience-- Jawj, our Secretary, lives in Oakland and wants something near the financial district.

Aubrey called the IRS yesterday and gave them all the information, needs to mail a letter into the IRS requesting this information-- this will take at least a month.

Vote to switch to SF Federal Credit Union
Aubrey makes the motion, Francoise seconds. The resolution passes with 5 votes for, 0 votes against.
In favor: Aubrey, Françoise, Mike, Jawj, Nick

4th Annual Panel Discussion
Topic: Sanctuary Cities

Opposing side speaker: Steve Frank -- he is a writer for California Political Review

Pro side: Contacted David Campos, who seemed interested, but since has been unresponsive. Also reached out to Jeff Adachi, who replied he is not available. Matt Gonzalez, who has not replied at all. Then Aubrey tried Sandra Fewer, but she has not responded either. Marcy suggested to try Kevin DeLeon, but has no response. Also contacted Jane Kim, whose office declined. Most recently: Tim Redmond, editor of 48 Hills-- waiting for a response, but not for too much longer.

Aubrey was looking to use the main library as the location, hoping to have a room for about 50 people, but it is booked through the summer. Looking for other locations, Aubrey has looked at the Mechanics Institute, the Unitarian Church, and the Jewish Community Center.

Libertarian Party of San Francisco Agenda: Saturday, April 8, 2017

Meeting Location: San Francisco Main Library – 4th Floor Conference Room

  1. Welcome – Introductions 3:05-3:10
  2. Activist Reports 3:11-3:30
  3. Announcements 3:31-3:40
  4. Annual California State Convention April 28-30 3:41-3:50
  5. Membership/Newsletter Report 3:51-3:55
  6. Website Report 3:56-4:00
  7. Treasurer’s Report 4:01-4:05
  8. Change to Credit Union 4:06-4:20
  9. Tax Day 2017/4th Annual Panel Discussion 4:21-5:00

San Francisco Public LIbrary, 4th floor conference room
11 March, 2017

Aubrey Freedman (Chair)
Orest Bolohan
Jawj Greenwald (Treasurer)
Rebecca Lau
Leonid Miretsky
Nick Smith (Secretary)

Activist Reports:
Orest: Talking with coworkers. Considering what it would be like if we replaced elected positions (House, Senate, Etc) with random selection as is done with Jury duty. Benefits: more individual representation; career politicians are out of touch with what the people think. Discussing this with coworkers is not met with understanding.

Jawj: Finished writing her spiritual autobiography for Egyptian cat-goddess religion (Jawj is a minister / goddess). Shared her message of freedom with this group. “You have to strike blows for freedom in any way you can.”

Rebecca: Not much activism, went to Jim Elwood’s meetup last week and heard from some Nicaraguans who were forced off their land and cannot return to the country.

Leo: Internet activism; debate in Facebook groups against Communists.

Nick: Joining into the conversation on Google’s freespeech@ mailing list to keep the discussion civil and promote liberty.

Aubrey: Working on planning the panel discussion, newsletter and digging through some IRS forms.

Tom Palmer is speaking at Berkeley on Tuesday, March 14. 4:30, UC Berkeley Moffat Library rm 101. See the event information of Facebook.

You can attend the CA LP Annual convention in Santa Clara as long as you are paid and have been a member for at least 90 days (or so).

Membership/Newsletter Report:
Still working on the newsletter, it will be coming out soon (articles will follow on the website periodically). Lifetime members: 21, dues-paying members: 26.

Treasurer’s Report:

Bank of America $4,612.11
Paypal account $744.53
Total balance $5,356.64

Website Report:
Lowlights: There was some downtime after Nick spent too long working on the website. Our quota was reached due to the increased traffic and the website was inaccessible for about 5 days. Nick contacted SiteGround and they restored access to the site on February 28 and raised our quota, so hopefully this won’t be an issue again. Nick will monitor this so it doesn’t happen again. Sorry!!

Highlights: Small visual refreshes; background image, menu layouts cleaned up a bit, more usable calendar added, plus a “Next meeting” notification right on the top of the page.

Change to Credit Union:
We want to move away from the big banks (we currently are a customer of Bank of America) and support the local economy. There is some paperwork involved. The main factor in our decision seems to be convenience. Jawj would like for us to choose something a downtown branch so that she can get to it easily. We are still waiting on an IRS letter for our Federal ID number before we can open an account. Aubrey will contact the IRS to get a new letter with our tax ID number which we now know since the old letter is lost. We plan to have a decision on which company to switch to or next meeting.

2017 4th Annual Panel Discussion (aka Tax Day):
Our topic will be “Sanctuary Cities”. Aubrey has been working to find panellists\ for each side and is finding it very difficult to get someone on the pro-side. To represent the opposition stance, we will have Steve Frank. This will not be a debate, but will be a discussion-- however, the Republican group which Aubrey reached out felt they would be ganged up on and don’t seem interested in participating. For the pro-side, Aubrey considered Jeff Adachi, public defender in San Francisco, but this was declined. As a second choice, Aubrey tried Matt Gonzalez in the Public Defender's office and has not heard back in over a week. We are also considering David Campos, who has been vocally in support of Sanctuary Cities. The event should take place in May at one of the smaller conference rooms in the main library (Civic Center).

Libertarian Party of San Francisco Agenda: Saturday, March 11, 2017

Meeting Location: San Francisco Main Library – 4th Floor Conference Room

  1. Welcome – Introductions 3:05-3:10
  2. Activist Reports 3:11-3:30
  3. Announcements 3:31-3:40
  4. Membership/Newsletter Report 3:41-3:45
  5. Treasurer’s Report (Bank & PayPal) 3:46-3:50
  6. Website Report 3:51-3:55
  7. Change to Credit Union 3:56-4:15
  8. Tax Day 2017/4th Annual Panel Discussion 4:16-5:00

San Francisco Public LIbrary, 4th floor conference room
11 February, 2017

Aubrey Freedman (chair), Ivy Valory, Nick Smith (secretary), Lisa Remmer, Starchild (vice chair/outreach), Saũl Flores

Aubrey filed form 460 for Fair Political Practices Commission with Secretary of State
Does this need to be filed with the SF Ethics Commission? Still no answer…

12-Feb: Covenant of Democratic Nations with Edwin Black
Hosted by Mario & Nina Pellegrini at their home in Montara

California Libertarian Party Annual State Convention
28-April to 30-April

News: In a great victory for third parties, a Federal Judge rules that the Presidential Debate Commission must rewrite the criteria for debate inclusion. In 2016, Gary Johnson was excluded from the debates, polling consistently around 11%, due to the unnecessarily high bar to be polling at 15%.

21 life members, 26 regular dues paying members. Unchanged from last month.
Dues are $25/yr. Local & State are combined, National is separate.

Sent out to 296 recipients. One of Aubrey’s articles from the January Newsletter, “San Francisco’s Legacy of Cronyism,” was republished in the California Policy Center by Marc Joffe.

Treasurer’s Report
Balances reported from Les Mangus, as of 10 February, 2017

Bank of America: $4,587.11
Paypal: $518.82
Total: $5,105.93

Pride 2017
24-June - 25-June

Aubrey completed the registration and the booth is paid for ($140), insurance will be about $65. Some of the pink pamphlet “Honoring LGBTQQII Rights-- And Everyone Else’s: A Libertarian Tradition” will be revised and updated.

The spinning wheel: This was done last year. We have a spinning wheel with 16 or so activities on it, and people can spin the wheel and try to land on a spot with something that is not illegal (there were 1 or 2 of them). There are all outrageous laws that no one would believe, so we found the ordinance for each individual law to back up each claim. For this year, we are considering other laws that can be added to the wheel.

Change to Credit Union
We have been with Bank of America for a long time, and we are considering moving away from the big banks and supporting the local institutions. Mike has looked into the San Francisco Federal Credit Union, which offers no fees, more transactions than we could possibly use.

Starchild uses SF Fire Credit Union and has done some research for us.  There is a one-time $5 opening fee. There are 3 locations in the city, and have shared branches with other credit unions. There is an upcoming shareholders meeting which members can attend, where Starchild got a resolution passed previously to have the credit union put out a statement opposing intrusive government regulations.

Before we can do this, we need to dig up our Federal tax ID number, which we will need in order to open an account at any credit union.

We’re tabling the discussion for now, but we will make the shift soon.

Tax Day / Annual Panel Discussion
We have discussed some ideas including secession, sanctuary cities and finding common ground between the Libertarians and the Greens (although Aubrey has doubts that the Greens are interested in this after a lack of enthusiasm reported from Barry, Starchild is pursuing it). We haven’t come to a decision on what the topic will be yet, although sanctuary cities seems promising, and definitely topical. We would also like to be able to be able to find some common ground with other groups, to bring us together and have a more lasting effect.