Donation JarLibertarians put our money where our mouths are, and support those charities which we believe do a better job at solving society's problems than any government program ever could. 

Below is a table of charities supported by individuals in LPSF.  Please note that this does not imply an endorsement of any of these charities by LPSF overall, but rather that LPSF voted at a recent meeting to list on our website those charities supported by our members, attributed accordingly to those members, with a description of why these charities may be attractive to Libertarians.





Nonprofit Organization Description LPSF Endorsers

Foundation Beyond Belief


Foundation Beyond Belief is a non-profit charitable and educational foundation created to focus, encourage and demonstrate the generosity and compassion of atheists and humanists.  Libertarians are generous people who give freely to others in need, without resorting to coercion or discrimination.  This is a trait that Libertarians share with humanists.  For those who want to donate to reputable charities, without fear of coercive strings, such as adherence to any particular religion, there's Foundation Beyond Belief.


Mike Denny


Rob Power

Idriss Stelley Foundation


Police use of excessive force, and lack of accountability for both the SFPD and for individual officers, continues to be a major problem in San Francisco, as similar issues are in many cities. The Idriss Stelley Foundation was founded by a mother whose son was shot and killed by San Francisco police. ISF provides free, confidential services to biological and extended families whose loved ones have been disabled or killed by law enforcement, as well as working to organize for police accountability and justice.


Larkin Street Youth Services


Young people across America leave or are forced out of their homes, with the dream of finding a new life in one of three major cities typically -- New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco.  More often than not, these kids end up on the streets.  Larkin Street helps those kids who end up in San Francisco, with a "continuum of care" including emergency shelter to permanent supportive housing, education, technology and employment training, healthcare (including mental health, substance abuse and HIV services), and case management.


Rob Power

Nature Conservancy Plant a Billion Trees Project


While there's no such thing as a perfectly Libertarian environmental nonprofit (yet), The Nature Conservancy comes very close.  They purchase land to conserve it -- a totally free-market solution to valid environmental concerns. If not for the fact that they sometimes turn over this purchased land to the government to manage (something Libertarians know government is absolutely no good at), they would be perfectly Libertarian. But their Plant a Billion Trees project is a safe haven for Libertarians concerned about donating to TNC's general fund.  You give them a dollar, and they plant a tree, plain and simple.  Give it a try!


Rob Power
No More Deaths


The group No More Deaths works to provide water, food, and medical assistance to migrants walking through the Arizona desert, and to bring the plight of migrants to public attention. Because No More Deaths has been adopted as a  mission of the Universalist Unitarian Church in Tucson, donations to the group are tax-deductible.


Rainbow World Fund


Rainbow World Fund, created for those of us who want to help humanitarian efforts worldwide but cannot in good conscience donate to the Red Cross, has an efficiency rate of over 90%.  If you donate a dollar, over 90 cents go directly to those in need, with less than 5% spent on administrative costs.


Rob Power
SMART Recovery


Self Management for Addiction Recovery (SMART Recovery) teaches people with addiction problems how to overcome their addictions and avoid relapse. The meetings address any and all addictions and are free and open to the community. All the leaders are volunteers.


Dr. Michael Edelstein

Hanna Boys Center 


Hanna Boys Center, a boarding school in Sonoma, California, has an excellent reputation in the community.  Most of the boys who attend and live at Hanna come from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Parents or guardians are charged on a sliding scale, most of the funds supporting the school come from gift bequests and donationss, and the school does not accept tax money. 


Aubrey Freedman

The Institute for Justice


The Institute for Justice was established in 1991, and is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.  It is a libertarian public interest law firm.  Its mission is to provide pro bono legal advice and representation, litigating strategically to pursue its goal of a rule of law under which individuals can control their destinies as free and responsible members of society.  In addition to litigation, the institute takes its cases to the "court of public opinion," with editorials and op-eds in leading local and national publications.


Francoise Fielding




Raphael House



Established in 1971, Raphael House began as an emergency shelter for single mothers and their children.  By 1977, it had evolved into the first homeless shelter for families in Northern California, providing personalized family-centered solutions to build brighter, independent futures.  Raphael House is supported by donations and endowments from private individuals and foundations.


Mike Denny 

The War and Law League


The U.S. Constitution indicates that Congress is the only entity empowered to involve the U.S. in wars with other nations.  The War and Law League (WALL) was formed in 1998, in the hope of returning the nation to constitutional principles, preventing unlawful wars, and ending presidential wars in far-off lands.  In over half a century since the Korean War, U.S. presidents have initiated over a hundred foreign military actions.  To prevent such unconstitutional acts is to prevent most potential U.S. wars and save countless lives. WALL is a non-partisan volunteer organization, supported by private donations.


Marcy Berry