Election season is finally over, after unprecedented mudslinging, unexpected revelations, and extraordinary developments.

On the national level, now we wait for the Electoral College to either accept results or revolt. There is no federal requirement on how state electors vote, and no state requirements in 21 states.  Gary Johnson failed to receive the 5% in popular votes that would have assured Libertarians a place on the ballot next time around, but his 3.2% showing was the best for a third party in over 20 years.  Hopefully, next time around an even greater number of voters will stop believing they owe their vote to main-party candidates, and continue to shake off the yoke placed around their necks by the two-party establishment.

On the City level, although the “Yes On Everything” syndrome was still apparent, there were are few “NOs.” Voters listened to Bernie Sanders and voted “NO” on Proposition K, the General Sales Tax.  They also miraculously decided not to expand the size of government in some instances by voting “NO” on H (Public Advocate Department), M (Housing & Development Commission), and U (Affordable Housing Requirement).  The Board of Supervisors lost three certified left-wingers due to terms limits (Avalos, Campos, and Mar), and gained two (Fewer and Ronen).  District 11 Ahsha Safai is the more “moderate” kind.  These are preliminary results, and because of ranked-choice voting there is a possibility things could change.

We at the LPSF certainly hope that the next eight years will be more pleasant than the last eight years. We also hope that neither the nation nor the City go off the cliff of perpetually expanding government and increasing debt.