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  Libertarian Party of San Francisco Membership/Donation/Volunteer Form

*Use this form if you are a new member, want to volunteer, or want to give us information about your donation. You can also use this form to advise us of your change of address.*


1. ____I would like to become a member of the Libertarian Party of San Francisco. I understand I am joining the local and state levels of the Libertarian Party.

Annual Membership   $25.00


2. ____I am not a new member, and would like to renew my annual membership of $25.00.


3. ____I would like to make a non-membership donation to the Libertarian Party of San Francisco to support the work done by the Party’s volunteers.   $_____________________


4.            My payment is by,

                ____Check enclosed with this form .

                ____PayPal button on the LPSF website.


5. ____ I would like to become a volunteer, and join other members working to spread libertarianism.


6. I have read the fine print:

Joining the Libertarian Party does not make me a registered Libertarian voter. If I would like to register, I will contact the San Francisco Department of Elections to request a voter registration form: www.sfgov2.orgContributions are not tax deductible.


7. Here is where I can be reached:







8. To ensure that the Libertarian Party remains “The Party of Principle” and will never stray from those principles, I certify that  "I oppose the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals.”


Signature______________________________________________________________ Date_________________


Thank you! Make your check payable to the Libertarian Party of San Francisco, and mail it with this form to

The Libertarian Party of San Francisco, 520 Frederick St, #17, San Francisco, CA 94117.

If you are paying by PayPal, click the PayPal button on our website, and send this form to the address above.                 Phone: (415) 775-5773                 Email: [email protected]